Tuesday July 07 , 2015
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Quality Service

Specializing in the Repair and Restoration of Classic British & BMW Motorcycles

All Service performed by a BMW Factory Trained Techician, Over 20 years of experience!.





One of my specialties is BMW Cylinder Head repair. I began doing head work at about 14 years of age, learning from my father. As I gained experience, I learned the significance of valve stem to guide fit, valve face to seat  contact and the effects of the various grinding angles used.  I have learned a fair bit about the metalurgy involved and it's effect on clearances and durability.

Many people speak about three and five angle valve jobs as if some kind of magic results from their use. In fact, the "extra" angles ground or cut on the seats are simply to make the contact area a consistent width and to place the valve correctly. Fourth, and fifth angles-or more-are to improve air flow.


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Services Provided

  • 5 and 10K Services: Maintain your motorcycle in cordance with the factory remmondations, and beyond.
  • Minor service work; Oil changes, Tire replacement, Accessory installation.
  • Custom Work: : Big bore kits, Braided Stainless Brake Lines
  • Restoration: Bring your bike back to the condition it was when new
  • Contact us now to schedule for this coming winter: 802-483-2460 budprovin@hotmail.com

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Big Bore Kits

Piston kits for big-bore conversions: 860cc for R75 and R80, 92mm conversions for R90s, 1mm over for R100, 1050cc kits for ‘76 on R75-R100

Custom Brake Lines

There are now several companies making braided hoses, but mine are the only ones made by someone who is intimately familiar with BMWs and classic Triumphs. If you have a problem with the fit, or need a custom hose, you can call me. You’ll be speaking to the guy who makes them and has probably installed them on a bike just like yours.